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Our Landscaping Guarantee

This guarantee covers materials bought by the original purchaser only.

Wood plant materials (trees and shrubs) that are purchased from and planted by Grand Haven Garden House & Floral will be guaranteed to live for one year, provided that the owner, according to our instruction sheet, gives responsible care to the plants. This guarantee does not cover any materials that are transplanted.

Herbaceous plant materials (ground overs, perennials, etc.) being of a perishable nature will be guaranteed to live for the current growing season only.

A uniform stand of grass is guaranteed within one year of seeding, providing proper maintenance practices are carried out. Sod will be guaranteed to take the first growing season if proper maintenance practices are followed (i.e., watering, fertilizing, etc.).

Grand Haven Garden House & Floral will not be responsible for repairs to plantings, walks, patios, and lawns due to earth settling around construction site since this cannot be predicted. Also, we will not be responsible for damage to underground wires or pipes unless notified before the job starts of exact location. Grand Haven Garden House is not responsible for cost of repairs due to "Acts of God".

Our Guarantee for Hydro-Seeded Lawns:

  • Installing Lawns: Our process is unique and is not designed for quick fill-in but rather a healthy, vibrant lawn that will take 4 - 12 months to fill in completely

  • Our lawns are not guaranteed against heavy rainfall, washouts, or erosion. We do have a 48-hour guarantee protecting your lawn. If any erosion from a rain storm occurs within this time limit, repairs will be done at no charge.

  • If erosion occurs from rain storm runoff after the 48-hour period, a contract will be required for repairs

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