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Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials

We dig a hole 50% larger than the planted container or root ball. The hole is then filled with high-quality topspoil, peat moss, and fertilizer. We level the top of the root ball with your lawn's existing grade. Then, we properly water your plants to moisten the root ball and remove air pockets.

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Beds are prepared with a high-quality topsoil, peat moss, and fertilizer mixture. The groundcover is planted at specific distances based on size and variety chosen. The coverage is then watered.

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Mulching includes shredded bark and wood chips. For newly-landscaped areas, we place a 3 - 4" layer of mulch. For existing landscaping, we add a 2" mulch layer. If needed, we dig down near edges, sidewalks, and driveways to avoid mulch from spilling. We do not use landscape fabric or weed barriers unless requested. Trees and shrubs planted alone will have a 2 - 3 foot ring of bark around them.


When using stone to cover beds, we spread a 2 - 3" layer across. A fabric or weed barrier will be used, unless otherwise requested. Once the stone is in place, we rinse it thoroughly to remove quarry dust and to give a polished look.

Lawn Installation

We examine existing soil during both new installations and renovations to determine the lawn's ability to grow lush, healthy grass. For new lawns, we add 3 - 4" of topsoil (renovated lawns may require less). Fertilizer is then spread and sod is placed in the proper direction for sight. We then moisturize the whole area before applying hydro-seed. Hydro-seed consists of water, seed, fertilizer, a wetting agent, a tackifier (for sloped areas), and green paper mulch.

Please note: Hydro-seed must be applied through a hose attached to a large tank trailer, which may be driven over parts of your yard.


We use two styles of edging regularly. One is a black vinyl that is 5-inches deep with a 3/4-inch bed at the top at 20-feet lengths. The other is aluminum that is 4-inches deep with a thickness of 1/8-inch. Edging will be installed in a hand-dug channel, back filled, and staked. The edging will be straight and the top bead level with the existing grade.

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