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GHGH Landscape is proud to give back to nature. We make every effort to protect our environment through all our decisions. Here are a few ways we strive to improve landscape sustainability:

  • Plant materials are bought from local growers and producers to provide jobs and reduce fuel

  • Avoid invasive plants to allow more diverse species to thrive

  • Plants are grown in recycled containers to reduce refuse in landfills

  • Use plants that require minimal water - less energy is required and less water usage, leading to lesser runoff

  • Use rain gardens or runoff filtration systems for roofs and parking lots to allow for cleaner water to return to the aquifer

Staff Digging_Grand Haven Garden House.p
  • Use shade trees and large evergreens as wind breaks and shade to reduce winter heating and summer cooling energy

  • Purchase plants that have been grown with few or no chemical pest control, which creates safer water and healthier workers and wildlife

  • Landscape with less traditional lawn area to reduce air pollution

  • Use fine-textured evergreens to filter dust and other air pollutants, including noise and light pollution

  • Use permeable paving material to filter and clean storm water before it deposits into the soil

  • Incorporation of vegetable gardens in residential landscapes to produce healthy, local, and less expensive food while also promoting physical activity

  • Drip irrigation and water storage systems greatly reduce water consumption

  • Use organize fertilizer, including composted soils, to create cleaner wildlife habitats and safer drinking water

  • Low voltage and solar-powered lighting produce low and renewable energy

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